Pili Pacific was born from the Polynesian concept of pili, to join or connect. The interlocking fishhooks represent the ancient connection between people and the cultures of the Pacific.

Pili Pacific Collections

Our Process

As fine artists, we first learned textile printing techniques from contemporary Pacific textile artist Jean Clarkson on Norfolk Island in 1996. Then in New Zealand in 1999, we applied our design skills to large, hand carved, printing blocks and produced our first run of hand printed Pili aloha shirts.

For the next 15 years, we created a handprinted and hand dyed line of aloha shirts with ancient Pacific tapa printing methods that integrated well with contemporary materials.

Developing extensive recipes of dye and printing ink colors along with assemblages of designs inspired by our own heritage stories and the Pacific region we offered 3 or 4 collections of Aloha shirts per year. Sometimes, we combined our individual artwork/prints together to create a collaborative design. We continue to use these techniques for producing our hand printed silks range available in our Honolulu store.